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I started my career in Sacramento, CA. I was lucky enough to start at a high end top salon, J. Fontaine’s (a favorite of mine). In 2001, I moved to the Bay Area and continued working in high end salons, favorites being Renda Za’arour and Didi Salon.

I am inspired by all design. Hair, clothing, and interiors. I stay close to trends but always stay true to the classics. I love rich, beautiful shiny color for the hair. I am always in love with pale blonde, rich chocolate brown, and beautiful deep coppers.

I’ve been fortunate and have worked with some talented people from whom I’ve learned so much! My favorite courses that I’ve attended are Bumble University and Vidal Sassoon, so educational and inspiring.

I’ve been at it now for 2 decades! I still love it! Thanks to all who have made my career so abundant and inspirational!


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In 1999 I graduated from Wayne’s college of beauty in Santa Cruz, California. Immediately following my test I began to build a clientele at my own salon. I had been experimenting with color and cuts since I was in my early teens so I already had a grasp on the basics. I worked, took as many local classes as I could and learned from my fellow stylists. After selling my first salon I went to work along side Bobbie Hill. She changed my life with her knowledge, patience and passion for hair.

Over the last 15 years I’ve worked with the most inspirational people. For a few years I was a sales representative in SF. This was a great experience for me because I was able to work with the top salons and salon owners. I was able to teach classes and also attend some of the best classes there are to offer!

I feel like I have settled in to my own after many years of hairdressing. I love creating long lasting, natural looking hair styles and colors. I feel balayage is the best way to create these types of styles and am in love with the technique. I feel very lucky to work along side my friend and business partner Michele. I have always admired her work and she inspires me everyday! We hope you enjoy the cozy and comfortable environment we have created for you!!

XO, Sydney

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I started in the industry at eighteen years old and have worked in Los Gatos at several different salons for the last 26 years. When i was starting out I was taught under a Vidal Sassoon educator and was planning on becoming a platform haircutting artist traveling and teaching haircutting. I found that I loved the personal relationship between my clients so I decided to stay and continue to build my clientele and perfect the art of hairdressing. I pride myself with being an honest hairdresser who will listen to my clients needs, but will also educate them on the newest trends in hairstyling. I am experienced with woman and mens haircutting, but also I am passionate about coloring techniques, such as hilighting, balayage, and ombre. I am currently using the Redkin Chromatics and Shades EQ color lines. I am also certified in doing the Keratin treatments, and since I am always trying to maintain the integrity of the client’s hair I am also certified in the Loreal Profiber and Olaplex hair conditioning treatments. I have always had a passion for the beauty industry so therefore makeup for special events and Tape-in exstentions are both services I also love to do.

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I have been in the hair industry since the late 80’s and have been licensed and doing hair since 1991. I have worked in Los Gatos half of my career and the other half in Campbell and love them both. I am always busy and love that so much. I have kept most clients of my 26 year career which makes it hard to except new clients. Most of my clients feel more like family and close friends than clients which makes every day fun and it never feels like work. I am so happy to have found Taylor & Jayne Salon, I love working here so much and work with three of the most talented and beautiful girls and love them all so much. Tracy and I have been together since the beginning of my career in 1991 and I have loved working with her all these years and so happy to now have Sydney and Michele in my life as well. Sydney and I worked together for a short time back in 2008, and loved her and fate brought us back together and that makes me so happy. I live in Morgan Hill and am in an awesome relationship of 14 years with my boyfriend Nate and we have the coolest dog Levi that we love with all our hearts. I love my career more than anything but nothing comes before my family.❤

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